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Lowest cost short term money on the street.                      Use a    Sale/Option/Re-Purchase    Contract    
   $10.00 to $999.00    10 days to 59 days.                           This is not a loan.  There is no interest.  Only the Option cost.

English      All of our businesses are now controled by computers from a small island in the South Western Caribbean.
Spanish    Nuestras empresas están aho controlado por computadoras desde una pequeña isla en el sur occidental del Caribe.

English     If we are not sitting under a coconut palm tree on the beach, you may find us at:
Spanish    Si no estamos sentados bajo un árbol de palma de coco en la playa, usted puede encontrarse con nosotros en:

Universal Dynamics Corporation.                                                                              
Esquina de la calle 7 y  avenida F.                                     











Table of Contents;
 6 719-7711

 Miss Elabeth Thompson will personally represent you.  
    Realestate purchase, lease or rent.
    Show you properties.  We do not represent the seller.
    Present your offers to the seller.
    Negotiate and supervise the purchase or rental.
 Miss Elizabeth is here to look after your interests. 

Lic. Janeth Anderson  Attoney at Law

Legal Counsel                          Abogado
Your legal representative in Panama.
  Business & Personal contracts
  Realestate title verification & certification

Law Firm of



                    U.S. (727) 914-2330
                   Panama   6 557-9171


 Captain Douglas will represent your:
    Financial interests
    Business purchase or development
    Securing of asets
    Protection of investments


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